Holiday Skin and Health Tips

healthy skin tips holiday health holiday skin care skin health skin tips Dec 12, 2022

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are upon us yet again! Wait, wasn’t it just summer?!

The magic of the holidays is infectious. There are celebrations, get-togethers, gift giving, eating and drinking, merriment and more! If I could describe the holidays with only one word, it would be overindulgence! But as Oscar Wilde would likely agree, everything in moderation, including overindulgence at the holidays.

What are some ways to temper the overindulgence at the holidays to keep ourselves healthy and skin beautiful?

  1.   Stay hydrated 

Perhaps you’ve heard me say this before, and that’s because it’s so important for our overall health, as well as skin health. Particularly during the holidays when we may be eating saltier, processed foods, and drinking more alcohol, staying hydrated with plenty of fluids like water can be extremely helpful.

*Pro party tip: Have a large glass of water after every alcoholic drink to keep you hydrated and help prevent over drinking. Sparkling water with a garnish in a nice glass will still make you feel like you’re celebrating.


  1.   Try to make healthy(er) food choices

It’s hard to eat healthy during the holidays with so much sugary, buttery and decadent food around. Try to sneak in fruits and veggies throughout your day and meal prep so you are not left staring at the fridge wondering what to prepare and cook when you are tired and hungry.

*Pro party tip: Have a healthy snack before attending a party or function. By being partially full, it will keep you from overeating on less healthy foods.


  1.   Get your ZZZZZZZs

One of the first things to go during the holidays is our sleep! That’s because we’re often out and about and staying up later than usual. When our sleep is thrown off our bodies cannot recover and heal and we become more prone to illness and injuries. Plus our skin can look sallow and tired with under-eye circles and discoloration being more prominent.

Pro party tip: Even when you are tired and exhausted, be sure to take a couple of minutes to wash your face before bed. Removing makeup and the dirt and oil from the day is key in keeping your skin healthy and preventing clogged pores.


  1.   Try to manage stress

Stress and the holidays can often times seem synonymous. With so much to do and a go-go-go schedule, the stress of the holidays can be overwhelming. Throw in some family drama and you’ve got a Lifetime Holiday movie! We all know that stress in excess can be quite harmful to our bodies. By raising cortisol levels, stress increases inflammation in our bodies which can worsen chronic skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, to name a few. Cortisol also increases sebum (oil) production which can in turn worsen acne. Talk about being kicked when you're down, worsening acne when you're already stressed out?! No thank you!

Pro party tip: Make time in your calendar to destress with activities that calm your mind and mood.


  1.   Change up your skin care routine for the colder weather.

For many, the holidays come during a time of year when the weather is cooler, if not downright frigid. Changing up your skin care routine to reflect this is critical. Swap out a thinner lotion for a thicker moisturizing cream. You may also want to lessen the frequency in which you apply a retinol/retinoid or exfoliate. And while hot showers can feel ohhhhh sooooo good when it’s cold out, the heat actually dries your skin and can exacerbate dry skin. So stick to a lukewarm, shorter shower during the winter months. And just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can forgo your sunscreen. Remember, the sun is present 365 days a year, so use that SPF30+ sunscreen daily.

Pro party tip: Apply your moisturizer immediately after washing as it will absorb better on damp skin.


Don't let the festivities of the holidays throw a wrench in your skin and health habits! For more info on Holiday Skin and Health Tips, check out my podcast episode, #19! A new episode is released every Tuesday.




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