Lesser Known (But Equally Amazing) Places For Toxin!

botox botulinum toxin dysport gummy smile lip flip xeomin Dec 19, 2022

A few weeks ago I did a blog post ‘All About Toxins- the good kind!’ where I took an in-depth look at all things botulinum toxin. This week I’m going to expand upon that and tell you all about the lesser known, but equally amazing, places where botulinum toxin can work wonders!

Now people don’t usually come in requesting treatment in these areas, but that’s why you’re seeing a skilled injector who understands facial pathophysiology and anatomy, right?!

This is why I always start off a cosmetic visit by giving the patient a mirror and asking them ‘what bothers you?’ I can get a good sense of their concern, and then I can make suggestions as necessary.

Here are some of my favorite lesser known sites for botulinum toxin, and when I recommend it.


  1. Frown/turned down mouth

Action: Turns up the corners of the mouth.

Best for people who are starting to get marionette lines/jowls that go from the corners of your lips to your chin. Note this is not the equivalent of a lower face lift but can be a nice addition to filler here and for someone with early lines.

Total Units: 2-5 units on each side


  1. Gummy Smile

Action: Prevents the upper lip from raising so high when smiling that you see the gum line.

Best for people who have visible gum show when smiling.

Total Units: 2-4 units on each side


  1. Lip Flip

Action: Helps prevent the vertical lines around the mouth from the orbicularis oris muscle. Can also make the lip look fuller.

Best for people with lines around the mouth or looking for a subtle fullness in the lips without filler. Not a good site for musicians who use their mouths or people who must annunciate well for work as it can cause some difficulty pronouncing certain sounds and eating liquids, especially in the beginning.

Total Units: 2-5 units on each side


  1. Prominent jawline

Action: Softens the large muscle at the angle of our jaw known as the masseter muscle. Can slim the facial profile/jawline for a more feminine look and can help prevent jaw clenching/grinding/TMJ.

Best for people with side effects from jaw clenching/TMJ or those looking for a slimmer jawline.

Total Units: 20-40 units on each side, may need additional treatments


  1. Bunny lines

Actions: Prevents crinkling of the nose when smiling

Best for: People who have lines along the side of the nose especially when smiling

Total Units: 2-4 units on each side


  1. Vertical Neck Bands

Action: Softens up the rope-like cords of the platysmal muscle that can develop on people’s neck with age.

Best for: People with vertical bands on the neck who are not interested in a neck lift procedure.

Total Units: 20-40 units