Baby Skincare- How to Pick the Right Products

baby skin baby skincare delicate skin skincare for babies Jul 31, 2023

Are babies and children simply small adults? Absolutely not! Not too long ago, people used to believe this misconception. However, today we have a better understanding that they have specific and unique needs, especially when it comes to their skin.

To begin with, newborn babies have skin that is 50% thinner than that of typical adults. As a result, any products or ingredients applied to their skin can be absorbed more easily. Did you know that babies and young children have a surprisingly large skin surface area relative to their tiny bodies? It's true! This means that a greater volume of substances can be absorbed through their delicate skin, which isn't always a good thing!

As parents, it's crucial to be extra cautious when choosing products to apply on your little one's skin. So, what kind of skincare do they need? Believe it or not, it can be quite simple: a gentle cleanser during bath time and a moisturizer afterward! 

However, pediatric dermatologists advise against a few things that you should keep in mind:-

1)  Not all products labeled as 'BABY' are truly safe and suitable for infants and children. 

Always take the time to carefully read the ingredient list. Steer clear of known allergens like cocamidopropyl betaine and phenoxyethanol, as they top the list of allergens for children. Even if your child doesn't have eczema or sensitive skin, it's wise to avoid these ingredients altogether. Remember, the shorter the ingredient list, the safer it is for your little ones!

2) Stay away from fragrances!

While lavender may smell lovely, your baby doesn't need to be surrounded by such scents. Fragrances are known to be top allergens that can irritate children's skin, and young ones with atopic dermatitis are even more susceptible to developing rashes from these products. It's best to stick with simple, fragrance-free products for your child's skin to ensure their safety and well-being.

3) Don't fall for the misconception that "natural" is always better!

Although we might be naturally drawn to products labeled as "natural," it's important to remember that not everything natural is safe or suitable for our children's skin. For instance, poison ivy is natural, but certainly not something you'd want to apply on your skin! The trend of using botanicals and food-based products for skincare can actually worsen a child's skin and cause irritation. Moreover, such products might sensitize a child's skin, making them more prone to allergies later in life.

Instead, let's keep food-based products in the kitchen and botanicals for our flowers. When it comes to children's skincare, simplicity is the key!

  1. Don't forget sunscreen!

Sunscreen is a must, even for babies and young children! Ensure your little ones are dressed in sun-protective clothing, such as rash guards, sunglasses, and hats. When using strollers, utilize the awning to shield them from the sun.

When it comes to sunscreen, opt for a mineral-based product that contains either zinc oxide (10%) or titanium dioxide, as these offer excellent sun protection. Don't forget to reapply every 2 hours, especially when your children are outdoors, sweating, or swimming. Protecting their delicate skin from the sun is essential for their well-being!

Your baby's skin is incredibly precious and deserves gentle care and attention. Join me on this week’s podcast episode with Dr. Massey as we explore all things baby skincare! 

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