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Can we reverse the aging process?

aging healthy skin prejuvenation pro aging skincare Aug 28, 2023

Getting older is something that happens to those lucky enough to live long lives. However, not all the changes that happen with aging are desirable...hello stiff back and sagging skin! The beauty and aesthetic industry earns billions annually by claiming to make us appear younger and turn back the clock on aging. Is this too good to be true? Can we truly achieve a 'Benjamin Button' reversal of the aging process?  And is it even a goal worth pursuing?

Buzzwords like 'anti-aging' are being replaced with more positive terms like 'pro-aging' or 'prejuvenation.' But are these new words just a way to sell products, or do they really mean something different?

It really depends on who you ask and what your aging goals are. ‘Pro-aging’ and ‘prejuvenation’ are ways to reframe how we think about getting older. Instead of being scared and fighting against it, ‘prejuvenation’ is about being ready and taking action before things happen! 

When it comes to our skin, there are several expected changes that take place as we age:

  1. Bone resorption

As we grow older, our facial bones undergo certain predictable changes. Essentially, our jaw bones and cheekbones tend to shrink. This can lead to changes in the overall shape and structure of our face.

  1. Fat redistribution

The fat in our face also moves around with age. Sometimes, we get pockets of fat under our eyes, while other areas, like our midface and temples, lose fat.

  1. Collagen depletion

Collagen is something that keeps our skin tight and youthful. It starts going away even in our 20s. For women, when they go through menopause, they can lose a lot of collagen, up to 30%. This makes our skin less firm.

All these changes—losing collagen, fat moving, and bones changing—add up and make our face look different as we get older. To get a sneak peek into the future, give the aging filters on Instagram and TikTok a shot – they're surprisingly accurate!  But despair not, for aging doesn't have to be something to be feared! By making a few changes in your lifestyle, you can actually stave off some of the not-so-great things that usually happen as you get older.

Prejuvenation Tips

  1. Lifestyle Modifications

Boost your protein intake. Proteins are made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks for collagen. Collagen is what keeps your skin firm and youthful. A healthy balanced diet with plenty of sleep can also help the skin stay vibrant. 

  1. Sun Protection

Sun exposure is a leading cause of premature aging. By protecting your skin from harmful UV rays, you can significantly reduce the risk of early aging signs.

  1. Don't smoke!

Smoking not only affects your overall health but also accelerates the aging process of your skin. Quitting smoking can make a big difference in keeping your skin looking young and prevent signs of aging along the way.

  1. Weight lift

Research indicates that people who incorporated weight-bearing exercises into their routine increased the thickness of their skin's dermal layer (known as collagen) more effectively than those who focused solely on cardio workouts.

  1. Skin Care Routine

Create a solid foundation for your skincare by adopting a basic regimen that includes a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen as essential components.

  1. Consider Aesthetic Procedures

If you're into aesthetic treatments, selective in-office procedures with your dermatologist can help maintain your youthful appearance and minimize signs of aging along the way.

Whether you are au natural or more of an aesthetic adopter, the combination of a healthy lifestyle and prudent decisions can transform aging into an anticipation rather than a source of apprehension! ! Not everyone gets to age, it's actually a really cool privilege. And here's some good news, with aging comes wisdom and self-confidence, bet you didn't have that in your 20s. Instead of 'turning back the clock,' let's live in the moment and practice self-care today!

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