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2 steps to find your healthy skin care habits!

affordable skin care products healthy skin skin care goals skin care habits skin minimalism Oct 30, 2023

Who hasn't been lured by marketers and influencers based on the promise of healthy, beautiful skin? I know I have! But the question remains: what does it truly take to achieve beautiful skin?

I'm often asked by patients and friends, "how do I achieve beautiful skin?" Unfortunately, this doesn't have a one-size-fits-all answer. Everyone's skin care habits are going to be unique to them. When it comes to your skincare habits, there are two key things to consider: your specific skin care needs and your skin care goals.

What are your unique skin care needs?

This can differ from person to person and can even change over time. Remember, our skin isn't static, it's a living organ and so our skin needs will change with time. To figure out your skin care needs, think about the challenges you face with your skin. Write them down and  try to determine your skin type. If you're not sure how to do this, check out my blog and podcast episode 'Do You Know Your Skin Type' for an easy quiz to determine your skin type.

After you've determined your skin type and the specific skin issues you're dealing with, it's important to ensure that your skin care routine incorporates actives and products to combat this. Your dermatologist can save you a lot of time and headache by helping you with recommendations and guidance! Just remember that your skincare needs are unique so don't just copy what your friends are doing or using!

Next you want to think about your skin care goals. Just like with skin care needs, everyone's skin care goals will be a bit different.

Some examples of skin care goals may include:

  1. Leave me alone! I simply want my skin to function well and stay trouble-free. I'm not into complex routines.
  2. I'd like my skin to age gracefully and look its best. I prefer natural results but I'm open to using products with proven research behind them.
  3. I want my skin to stay fabulous as I grow older, and I'm all about taking proactive measures. Interested in Preventative Botox? Count me in!
  4. Help me be ageless! I know I can't defy aging, but I'm up for any treatments, creams, gadgets, surgeries, and more to keep me looking youthful. I'm into both preventing aging and reversing its effects. I'm all in!

Do any of those categories sound like you? Remember, they're just examples, and your goals can change over time.

To get the best skincare routine, match your skincare needs with your goals – nothing more, nothing less. When your goals align with what your skin needs, you're on the path to great skin. So, before you invest in a new product or procedure, make sure it fits your needs and goals. If not, save your resources!

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