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Why Hair Care Is Skin Care!

haircare healthy hair healthy skin seen haircare shampoo and conditioner skin and hair health skincare Jan 16, 2023

This week I am talking all about hair care! When we think of hair care, you may not necessarily think 'skin care' but what we put on our hair does impact our skin. For starters, your scalp is skin and this is the hair making factory of our body! Studies have even shown that when you optimize your hair care for the skin, you not only get benefits for the skin, but hair as well!

Hair products, even wash-out products like shampoos and conditioners, are formulated to stay on the hair and when they inevitably get on our skin, it can cause issues like acne and even rashes. 

Maybe you've even experienced this yourself with a new shampoo or hair care product. Did you ever get an itchy rash after use? Or perhaps you noticed that your acne on the forehead or back flared about using a certain hair care product? It's actually not as uncommon as you might think, it's just that people don't always connect the dots with what they use on their hair and how it could be impacting their skin.

Fortunately, beauty insiders and manufacturers are realizing this more and more. SEEN is a luxury hair care company that was started and created by board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Iris Rubin. She recognized that her hair products were making her skin breakout. When she looked into this further, she realized that no one in the beauty and haircare space was looking at skin health with their hair products. As a dermatologist, she set about changing that. Now over 4 years later, she has a comprehensive haircare line that not only nourishes and cleans your hair, but is also good for your skin.

I recently spoke with Dr. Rubin for my podcast and she gave some great tips for keeping your hair, and skin, healthy with hair care products.

Dr. Rubin's Hair Care is Skin Care Pearls:

  1. You should shampoo your hair as frequently as needed for your hair and skin type. This is very individualized, some people will wash less often while others do need daily washing. Dr. Rubin is not convinced you can train your hair/scalp to produce less oil. You may find that with different seasons of your life, your hair texture and oil production may change, I know my hair did after 2 pregnancies!
  2. Avoid sulfates as this can be too harsh on your hair and skin causing dryness, fading of color, and a possible skin irritant.
  3. Avoid using occlusive or comedogenic products on your hair if you have oily or acne-prone skin as this could make your acne flare. While hair products do not routinely tout whether they are pore clogging (comedogenic) or not, look for ingredients like waxes, coconut oil and cocoa butter and avoid them if you are prone to break-outs.
  4. Look for hair care products that are fragrance free if you have sensitive skin, just like you would with skin care products.
  5. Just because it's popular or on social media doesn't mean it's safe, effective, or right for you! Everyone's skin and hair care needs will differ and it's not one size fits all. A board-certified dermatologist can help you find skin and hair products right for you.

Check out my latest podcast with Dr. Iris Rubin for more hair care and skin care tips!

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